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Welcome to our company, Liberty web site.
We are the company of real-estate transaction, house renovation, architecture (building houses), consultants of land & house, and attend Pitat House network group.

In Chiba area, especially around OAMISHITASATO , land price is reasonable.

It takes only 48minutes by limited express train from TOKYO station to OAMI station. And OAMI has a mild climate here all year around. So OAMI is popular area for the new generation who commute to work in Tokyo, and love idyll town.

SHIRASATO is a part of KUJUKURIHAMA (long seashore facing the Pacific Ocean), you can enjoy sea bathing, and snow is rare, mild climate, you can enjoy cultivation of plants outside even though in winter.
Yes, if you want to buy or rent house in Chiba area, we will help you with glee.
And If you have permanent residency status, you can get a mortgage.
Buying house is not easy for all the people, but we have the in’s and out’s, yes, long experience and knowledge about many kinds of law.

Please send e-mail with your request, thank you!


Property Search 

Sorry, our property search system of website is only for Japanese.

If you send us your request, rent or buy, width, budget, area, condition, limit of time, etc, we will choice property, and send you information papers for you, thank you.



Profile of Company


 Pitat House Oami presented by Liberty Co.Ltd 

 Address 443-1 Komagome, Oamishirasato-city, Chiba
 Establishment May 20th, 1997
 President Yuji Yonekura  
 Business contents Real-estate transaction / Building and renovation house
Consulting of buying and selling real-estate
Consulting of property investment
 License of real-estate Chiba-pref.Gov.(4)No.13405
 License of construction Chiba-pref.Gov(般-24)No.36208 
 License of architecture
Chiba-pref.Gov.register No.2-0812-5229