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Kazue Yonekura  

Name of the contact person : Kazue Yonekura (米倉 一江)

Hi, call me Kazue.

I have qualifications (national license) of registered real-estate transaction manager, second-class architect, and consultant of real-estate management.

 English is not specialized field, but I have friends in Cyprus, Australia, Canada, USA, but you know, I don’t use English in usually life, so I forget the words or how to make sentence in English. But if you write me, I will be able to reply, so please feel free for inquire.


Buying land and house is not easy, there are many rules and ways, and most important things is trust between customer and me, because I will negotiate with seller, bank person, or officer instead of you.

My work is, find suitable house, relief buyers anxious, estimate for the cost, negotiate for making good contract, and handover house without trouble. I am willing to offer consultation.

English is not my special, not perfect, but I’m a professional of real-estate deal, if you want to buy house, I’m sure of my job.


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